How to apply an Ultimate Skin 

So, this is everything you need to apply your Ultimate Skin. The Skin, the Cleaning Pad and the Microfibre Cloth are included. All you need to apply the Skin is your Phone (in this case an iPhone 7) and a hairdryer/heat gun.

What you need to apply an iPhone Skin / Wrap


Step 1

Clean your workplace with a cleaner. Then clean your Device with a cleaner or the included Alcohol Prep Pad.

Our Tip: If you have a lot of dust in your room, apply the skin in the bathroom when hot water is running. The steam will collect the dust.


Step 2 

Remove the bottom of your skin from the paper and align it to the bottom of your device. While holding the bottom with one finger, slowly pull the paper off to apply the skin.

Our Tip: Don't be afraid to remove the Skin multiple times until you perfectly align it! All Ultimate Skins are re-positionable.

Apply the iPhone Skin by Ultimate Skins to the bottom of your iPhone

Step 3

Use the heat gun / hairdryer to heat up the back, sides and the corner flaps. Go step by step and push the skin with your finger into place once it is hot and flexible. Repeat this multiple times.

Heat up your iPhone Skin and press it to the edges of your iPhone to make it stick

Please note: it takes up to 48 hours until the glue is completely dry. So watch out when using a case! If the skin doesn't stick or gets removed, simply heat it up again and press it back onto the device.