❤ Custom 3D-Touch

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Custom Ultimate Skins - Do it yourself! Create your own skin and give it a unique touch by adding a logo or message of your choice to your device to give it a 3D-Touch. ❤

Available for all devices! Please read the instructions here.

When placing an order, please let us know in the comments section which message (e.g. Names, Dates, Logos) you want and we will create your personal 3D-Skin. Please let us know the size you would like to have it in!

Examples: Jon ❤️ Dany  // or just logos: ⚡ ⚡ 

You can add any logo from these:

- ❤️ Heart

- ⭐ Star

- ⚡ Thunder Bolt

- 🐾 (Single!)

- ✝️ Cross

- 🖕 Middle Finger

- Turkish Flag

- 🌴 Palm Tree

- Weed

- 💩 Poop

or send us your own logo.*


Please be aware that some names or logos might be possible, yet they have to be applied carefully - but don't worry, we will let you know in case your message needs special attention.

Please be aware that you have to add a skin to your order - this does not include the skin.


*By sending in your personal logo you assure that you have the right to use that intellectual property. We do not check if you are the owner of the image you sent in. We are not responsible for checking if the images are copyrighted and we assume no liability. The photos we display were sent in by customers, we have been assured that they have been given the permission to use the logo.